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Princeton, NJ - United States of America

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With minimal supervision, this position provides automation support for research efforts and related data analysis. The incumbent, working either individually or as a team leader, will collect software requirements, design applications, and implement them as part of the Center's research mission. This position is also responsible for installing and maintaining open-source software for research purposes. Required data analysis may include data mining, warehousing, processing, and visualization. The position will require that the individual be an advocate for good data science practices, which will require the person to identify trends and opportunities in the fields of programming and data science. The incumbent may contribute directly to research efforts.

  • Provides consultation to research staff members on how to leverage high performance computing resources such as parallel clusters and high throughput storage systems.
  • Advocates and trains research staff members on good programming practices such as debugging, optimization, and version management.
  • Leads select projects through the software development life cycle for both research and IT initiatives.
  • Develops software for research problems in accordance with good programming practices, while performing comprehensive unit and system testing.
  • Ensures software compliance with security and configuration management policies and procedures. Maintains technical documentation for all software installed.
  • Installs and maintains open source software for research needs. Troubleshoots and modifies installation procedures as necessary for the Center's networks. Develops API and custom extensions when needed.
  • Analyzes data flows and applications in the research sphere to identify areas where the Center's HPC resources can be brought to bear.
  • Coordinates and consults with the Data Curator to maintain the quality of research datasets. Processes, cleans and transforms data in accordance with research needs.
  • Contributes to research efforts by applying computer and data science techniques to problems of interest.
  • Obtains and maintains certification satisfying DoD 8570.1-M, IAT-2.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

  • Qualifications
    • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Mathematics or related technical field coupled with six years minimum experience in Information Technology, which includes at least two years in scripting, programming and software maintenance or Masters of Science degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Information Systems or related technical field coupled with four years minimum experience in Information Technology, which includes at least two years in scripting, programming and software maintenance.
    • Strong communications and presentation skills.
    • Willingness to learn about standard industry practices and become an expert in tools related to the Center's research mission.
    • Experience installing open source software from source code in a Unix environment is required.
    • Experience with programming languages such as C/C++, Python is required.
    • Experience with development tools such as GIT, Cmake, SCons, and GNU Autotools is required.
    • Experience with SQL and databases is a plus. Experience with parallel programming languages such as OpenMPI, OpenCL, or CUDA is a plus.
    • Experience with programming languages such as Julia, Rust, R, or Fortran i#1TatIDAs a plus.
    • Experience with Python data science and machine learning frameworks such as Keras, Numpy, Pandas, ScikitLearn, Pytorch. and Tensorflow is a plus.
    • Experience with debugging and profiling tools such as Valgrind, GDB and Python's cProfile. Parallel and GPU tools a plus.
    • Experience with processing, cleaning and analyzing data is a plus.
    • ship is required.
    • Ability to obtain and maintain appropriate security clearance is required.


    U.S. Citizenship is required

    Ability to obtain and maintain a security clearance is required

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