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Westlake, TX - United States of America

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Location: Raleigh is preferred, if not can sit in Westlake or Merrimack


hybrid working. 3 weeks remote 1 week on site/ month

$100-140/hr W2

This is definitely a niche role. We're going to be looking for a Principal Software Engineer/Envoy specialist.


Envoy is an OpenSource Platform we have  on the API Gateways squad. They don't really have anyone that is an expert in Envoy so they would want an SME level candidate who has exp building and working with Envoy. Someone who can set up, knows in's and outs of Envoy.

Envoy is primarily built on C++ and Golang so they should know that going in.


Additional Details:

As a Principal Engineer on the API Gateways squad, you will be primarily responsible for building, enhancing, and maintaining the Envoy-based API Gateway that Fidelity uses. The API Gateway squad is looking to bring its usage of Envoy to the next level, increasing performance of the Gateways, increasing stability, and adding new capabilities to Envoy using Filters and by enhancing a custom External Processing sidecar to provide additional flexibility for API Producers. You will join a team who is familiar with using Envoy but you will be the expert on how to configure and use it to align with best practices, while helping to develop the aforementioned capabilities.

-  Preferred Envoy contributor or extensive user (at minimum).

-  Expert working experience of C++

-  Familiar with GoLang and/or Rust.

-  Able to give best-practice advice on configuring and using Envoy. Use of the go-control-plane is highly recommended

-  Performance testing experience


Derek Kunz