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In the role of a Senior Backend Engineer (AWS), you will develop tools and platforms for adversary detection in the realm of information security. This remote position, open to candidates across Europe, is part of a small but dedicated team of four.
The company, a Portuguese startup, is committed to crafting tools, platforms, and services for adversary detection in information security. They are disrupting the conventional norms of information security by devising solutions that not only match the capabilities of market leaders but surpass them by being more affordable, technically superior, optimized, and scalable. Their unique development methodology, drawing from over two decades of industry experience, introduces a distinctive twist in delivering high-scalable and automated security tooling.
Their project is a testament to their commitment to innovation. The company's stack is intentionally simple and barebones, while their products are pioneering and structured differently from the usual approach. This mix necessitates creative thinking and a solid engineering background to devise the best architecture and make critical decisions that will significantly influence their growth and scalability.
While they maintain a level of confidentiality about specific aspects of their stack, it's crucial for the candidate to have proven experience with Athena, S3, DynamoDB, Kinesis, and Lambda. Familiarity with AWS is not enough; they seek engineers who have built for very large scales. For instance, one of their APIs processes 400,000 events per second. They are currently looking for someone experienced in writing code (C#/Rust) for scenarios where every single CPU cycle counts, thus making perfection not just preferred, but mandatory.
Their competitive edge lies in prioritizing engineering over sales. When you work with them, you will be tasked with developing the best possible technical solution, free from limitations or influence by unreasonable requests that fall outside of technical reasoning.
To excel in this role, you will need experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rust, high-throughput event handling, English, and C#. In return, you will enjoy the flexibility of working entirely from home, with a total of 25 vacation days, and the possibility of visa sponsorship.
Your weekly tasks will split equally between backend development and machine learning, amounting to a total of 40 hours per week. You'll be using tools like Rust, machine learning, C#, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
With success in this role, you can look forward to progressing in your career, potentially moving into a position as a Senior Backend Developer or a Development Lead.