Rust Job: Sr Frontend Engineer, Customer Identity

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Fremont, CA - United States of America

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What to Expect
This position is for Customer Identity product development within our Applications Engineering organization. Applications Engineering organization is responsible for building Information Systems to support Tesla's rapid growth while providing amazing customer experience. The organization builds applications & systems that bring our amazing Vehicles & Energy products to customers. Some of the core functions include, Tesla Mobile App, CRM, e-commerce, financial transactions, ERP & manufacturing.
Customer Identity, under the umbrella of Digital Products Applications Engineering, builds our authentication system that underpins the security of our connected products. The team builds and maintains our login and single-sign-on systems for customers, including secure password storage, multifactor authentication, account recovery, and OpenID & OAuth2 frameworks.
What You’ll Do
  • BS (Bachelor of Science) in Computer Science or equivalent discipline
  • Familiarity with commonly used cryptographic primitives
  • Proficiency with Node.js and JavaScript
  • Experience in MySQL or Postgres and good knowledge in query optimization
  • Expert knowledge of REST APIs
  • Good unit testing and integration testing practices
  • Experience with message queue architecture
  • Advanced understanding of functional programming techniques
What You’ll Bring
  • Design, development, and implementation of applications for Tesla customers on features like customer login and multifactor authentication
  • Use JavaScript (Nodejs & React.js) to create and maintain web applications
  • Design software architecture based on business requirements, strategy, and priorities
  • Promote software engineering best practices via code reviews, building tools and documentation
  • Be nimble and react quickly to changing business conditions
  • Leverage your existing skills while learning and implementing new, open-source technologies as Tesla grows
  • Work with product managers, content producers, QA engineers and release engineers to own your solution from development to production

Good to have

  • Exposure to additional programming languages such as Go, Elixir, or Rust
  • Exposure to Kafka
  • Exposure to ReactJS
  • Experience with Multi-DC architecture, Docker and Kubernetes
  • Agile/SCRUM Software Development Process experience