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Become a contributing member of a DeFi trading infrastructure development team. Assist in the full cycle development of defi trading core infrastructure. Deep technical understanding of blockchain peer-to-peer networks, blocks, transactions, txpool, EVM, and other related mechanisms to help build a high-performance, low-latency trading infrastructure and related services.


1. Oversee the design and development of core component of a defi trading infrastructure platform

2. Establish trading platform services for global deployment and achieve significant latency reduction over internet protocols.

3. Responsible for MEV and txpool related technical services

4. Maintain highest levels of P2P network standards regarding security and up-to-date best practices


1. Excellent communication skills, creative and outside-the-box thinker, high emphasize on teamwork, able to project manage efficiently.

2. Ability to operate in an environment with certain degrees of uncertainty/ambiguity while keeping the focus on the core mandate and driving tasks to completion.

3. Previous experience in managing infrastructure with high availability requirements.

4. Experience with secure network, system, and application architecture and development

5. Domain knowledge on Geth’s block, transaction, txpooll, EVM, P2P protocols

6. Understanding of websocket, full internet network stack, and Linux security

7. Prior working experience/knowledge with CI/CD automation workflow/tool stack is optional but preferred

8. Familiarity with Docker, Kubernetes, and other cloud technologies is a plus

**note: no crypto experience is required but strong Rust knowledge is needed.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $89,248.91 - $185,357.03 per year

Work Location: Remote