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Deno makes programming easy. We make it possible to use JavaScript outside of the browser to build all types of software. Our free open source runtime is one of the most popular projects on Github. Our business is hosting JavaScript servers at the edge with the Deno Deploy serverless runtime. Try it out — you ought to be able to deploy a server world-wide in less than 5 minutes.

About the company

Deno is founded by the same engineers who built Node.js, the JavaScript runtime used by millions of developers and used by nearly all websites in one form or another. Deno is a continuation of the ideas in Node; a modern take on server-side JavaScript development. The open source project has already secured itself among the ranks of the most popular projects on GitHub.

Our commercial product is cloud service for hosting JavaScript servers. It is one of just a handful of implementations of serverless at edge in existence. By repurposing web browser technology for server software, we aim to accelerate a new generation of extreme low-latency edge applications.

We are fully remote with employees all over the world. Don't assume this means we're not a real company; our investors include Sequoia Capital, Nat Friedman, Netlify, and Wordpress.

About the role

We are seeking a Frontend Engineer to build and maintain various internal and external dashboards and apps, the primary one is the Deno Deploy web UI.


  • Develop and maintain responsive user interfaces for web applications

  • Collaborate with UX/UI designers, backend engineers, and product managers

  • Optimize web application performance and functionality

  • Participate in code reviews and knowledge sharing

  • Stay current with frontend technologies and trends

  • Contribute to planning and estimation of new features


  • 3+ years of experience

  • Familiarity with JavaScript, Typescript, and React

  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and browser behaviors

  • Nice to have: Experience with Tailwind, Preact, and/or Rust

We Offer

  • A competitive full-time salary and early-stage stock options

  • 100% remote work from anywhere in the world

  • Autonomous work - we work collaboratively on projects, but you set your own pace

  • Flexible vacation time

  • Hardware and office allowances

  • Company off-sites three times a year


  • Once you've submitted your application, the team will review your submission and reach out for a screening interview over video call. If you pass this screen, you will be invited to up to four follow up interviews. These calls usually take between 30-60 minutes each depending on the interviewer. Once the interviews are over, our hiring team will meet to discuss several roles and candidates. We may ask one or two follow-up questions over email or a quick call before making an offer.