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BEAM Diagnostics, Inc.
United States of America


Remote Position
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Application Requirements: Cover letter, resume, and code samples.

Company & Position:

BEAM Diagnostics, Inc. (BEAM) is a behavioral health company focused on delivering a platform of assessment and analysis tools for clinical settings. Founded in 2017, BEAM is a small startup with a big vision of making proactive care accessible to all by empowering providers with technology that advances patient-centered healthcare.

We are aiming to grow rapidly over the coming years and are kicking off that initiative by looking for a focused, collaborative Software Engineer to join our team. We are looking for expertise through the entire software development lifecycle (user-facing features and core API through infrastructure and DevOps), and you will be a key part of our vision with opportunities to lead, contribute, and grow with us.

Your Life with BEAM:

As a behavioral health company, mental health is a priority in our jobs and daily lives.

  • BEAM recognizes that we are people first and we value your well-being and ability to thrive in your personal and professional life.
  • You will be prioritized as a member of the BEAM Team. Our executive team will work to ensure you feel supported in your role and that there is actually a work-life harmony.

As a startup:

  • The team is small, so we all must wear many hats. We keep context-switching low, but you’ll have the opportunity to learn new things you did not expect.
  • Nimbleness is key. It is important to prepare for shifting objectives and priority shifts.

Because of our size and fully remote workforce:

  • It’s important we stay connected and communicate regularly, meeting as often as needed to ensure project needs are met and team members feel properly supported.
  • Team members must also be able to work independently and with initiative on individually-assigned project strategies and tasks.
  • Team members must be available to collaborate via email, chat, and video calls during US EST business hours.

We are looking for individuals who believe that:

  • Behavioral health is not only a medical issue but a social issue.
  • A need exists to combat the stigmatization and disparities surrounding behavioral healthcare.
  • Those with the ability and resources have a responsibility to generate solutions for inequities in healthcare.

Visit us at for more information about our history, mission, values, and BEAM Team.

Your Role:

  • You will report directly to the Chief Technology Officer.
  • Backend - Our platform is built on Django; familiarity with Python is necessary for current development. We are migrating to a microservices architecture that will empower you with an extremely strong voice in the platforms and technologies we use for future work. You can expect plenty of opportunities for code ownership.
  • Frontend - We’re rebuilding the web client using React with Typescript in Next.js. Our work here will follow a focused component/design system approach. Accessibility, speed, reliability, and rapid frontend iteration are the focus.
  • We are not test-driven, but we are test-focused. Be prepared to write code with testability in mind and spend time continuously improving the testability of our platform.
  • Security is paramount as we work with patient health data, so strong respect for data security is required.
  • You will need to know your principles and write clean, sustainable code, but also know when to compromise safely to deliver the product on time. Our goal is not code for the sake of code.
  • Documenting knowledge for the team will be important. We want to store everything in Readme files, Wiki documents, and other project documentation so that we only research once.

What You Bring:

Degree in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience. Show us your prior work with code samples or a project portfolio.

Demonstrated ability to self-teach and train others in new software tools and methods.

Experience using Git, GitHub, Docker, and command-line tooling.

Languages and Frameworks:

  • Familiarity with Python and proficiency with Python, .NET, Rust, or Go. Experience delivering a production Django application is a plus.
  • Proficiency with JavaScript (Typescript preferred), HTML, and CSS. Ability to implement UI components from design files.
  • Proficiency with React (or strong familiarity with leveraging a front-end library or framework without depending on it).
  • Experience working with SQL databases (we’re built on PostgreSQL).

Ability to work collaboratively in teams with culturally and technically diverse backgrounds.

Strong project and task management skills. Experience with Jira is a plus.

Knowledge and experience working with data in secure environments is a plus.

Salary & Benefits:

Salary Range: $120k+ Based On Experience

Health Insurance + Dental, Vision, and Life Coverage

  • BEAM Diagnostics, Inc. pays all premiums for its employees, so employees do not pay to have insurance (Not including Dependents)
  • No Deductibles
  • $8,000 annual out-of-pocket max
  • Low and sometimes no Co-Pays

Fully Remote Work

Flexible Work Hours

  • Task-oriented work expectations
  • Core “contact hours” between 10am - 4pm EST
  • BEAM realizes other responsibilities and appointments arise, and will work with your schedule

Unrestricted Leave

  • We believe that going on vacation or taking a sick day shouldn’t be a hassle
  • Take the time you need when you need it

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $120,000.00 per year


  • Dental insurance
  • Flexible schedule
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance


  • Monday to Friday
  • No weekends

Application Question(s):

  • What kind of qualities do you want in your next team/team members?

Work Location: Remote