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Espresso's mission is to bring Web3 applications like decentralized finance, NFTs, and DAOs to the mainstream by making them cheaper, scalable, and more private for users.

Espresso is focused on achieving cheaper transactions than any other blockchain scaling solution through a new proof-of-stake protocol that integrates a decentralized ZK-Rollup. This protocol acts as both as a standalone platform and also a solution to be used by existing blockchains like Ethereum.

In addition to scalability, Espresso supports applications with greater privacy guarantees than exist in today's smart contract ecosystems. Leveraging zero-knowledge proofs, Espresso has developed the Configurable Asset Privacy (CAP) protocol that allows developers to determine what transactional data remains private and for whom.

Contributors to Espresso comprise a diverse team located around the world. We are passionate about building a better infrastructure for how we transact and interact online. We are builders, designers, researchers, and hackers and have contributed in academia, in open source communities, in policymaking, and beyond. We are backed by over $30mm in funding from leading investors in technology and crypto including Greylock Partners, Electric Capital, Sequoia Capital, and Polychain Capital.

As a Smart Contract Engineer, you will closely collaborate with fellow engineers and product managers to build infrastructure to bring Espresso's privacy and scalability infrastructure to the Ethereum ecosystem. Examples of work include building a cross-chain bridge for moving assets between Ethereum and Espresso, and implementing a Solidity smart contract to validate blocks for a private and auditable transaction system on Ethereum.


  • Design, implement, test, and deploy EVM smart contracts
  • Work with external auditors to evaluate security and safety of smart contracts
  • Take engineering projects from concept and design to production, while working with engineering leaders and the product team to create sound and realistic roadmaps


  • 3+ years of professional software engineering experience or equivalent blockchain/smart contract development experience
  • Proficiency developing in Solidity; familiarity with precompiles
  • Understanding of software engineering and security best practices, in particular smart contract security
  • Experience interacting with dapps/web3
  • Experience shipping and taking engineering projects to production


  • Professional experience with Rust
  • Experience working on blockchain infrastructure, e.g. a layer-1 blockchain
  • Enthusiasm for the rapidly developing blockchain ecosystem


  • Very competitive salary, ownership, and benefits
  • Unlimited vacation policy