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Rangam Consultants Inc.
United States of America


Remote Position
(From Everywhere/No Office Location)

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Rust Job Details

We are looking for senior engineer with very strong AWS and Node.js/Typescript experience.

  • Develops action plans and processes, in coordination with management team, for integrating activities and optimizing department resources to meet major goals and objectives.
  • Facilitates or performs application support, problem solving, and issue resolution with internal and external resources.
  • Contributes and reviews recommendations for technical solutions.
  • Manages and/or contributes to the technical components of the RFP process.
  • Resolves issues and determines options for issue resolution and risk mitigation.
  • Defines and communicates requirements for technical environments and determines the technical scope for projects.
  • Provides technical estimates for project budget input to Senior/Project Manager.
  • Leads and owns engagements with software vendors to ensure that code and configuration requirements and deliverables are met.
  • Enforces architecture, governance, security, and global process standards to system changes and deployments.
  • Coordinates compliance issue identification and remediation.
  • Collaborates with other teams on integration needs/design.
  • Contributes to database design and creates critical-path, high-risk, advanced technical designs.
  • Approves proof of concept efforts and reviews results.
  • Enforce Client and department architectural direction and ensure consistent technical approach within department.
  • Decide on engineering tools based on recommendations.
  • Allocate resources based on performance monitoring and tuning results.
  • Manage and enforce performance thresholds and standards.
  • Review and approve performance test results, recommendations, and tuning results.
  • Oversee and is responsible for the creation of test plans, test execution, and validation of test results.

Project Description

  • Connected Product Platform is the foundational platform for the Connected Product Initiative that enables product authentication and inventory accuracy using RFIDs and QR codes.
  • It handles generating RFIDs and QR codes (other sensors/ids later), capturing all events and scans of the IDs/codes and making that data available for real time use-cases as well as data and analytics.
  • Connected Product Platform is implemented as a set of globally distributed active-active micro-services and asynchronous processing running in AWS as docker and serverless components, written in Node.js/Typescript, Goland and Rust, using NOSQL databases and streaming solutions and a fully automated pipeline.
  • Experience with performance tests and MQTT/IOT is a plus.

Job Type: Contract

Pay: $65.00 - $77.00 per hour


  • 8 hour shift


  • AWS: 3 years (Required)
  • Node.js: 3 years (Required)

Work Location: Remote