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Eleos Technologies
United States of America


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About us

Eleos Technologies is a growing 10-year-old company building communication software for truck drivers and field workers.

We’re helping a diverse mix of customers—from mom and pop operations to thousand-truck fleets—improve how they communicate with their employees by tackling information overload, reducing phone calls, and eliminating obsolete technologies.

Our engineering team has been 100% distributed since day one. This means we’re tooled up to handle product, architectural, technical, and ops work all from home or remote. You won’t miss out of office conversations, and you won’t have to learn to drive a telepresence robot.

We began life as a bootstrapped startup, which allowed us to focus on building products our customers love. Today, we're part of the Knight-Swift family, which has allowed us to keep our focus and the freedom to build the best products we can for the transportation industry. We offer robust healthcare (dental, medical, vision), paid time off, and a generous equipment budget.

About the role

Our app is more than the usual "CRUD and chat": in addition to industry-leading truck navigation and planning tools, we’ve got some advanced algorithms for identifying the best and safest vehicle route, document scanning, and more—all on the device.

Drive Axle is our consumer-facing document scanning app. We’re looking to scale up a team to invest further into this product and ship more advanced scanning capabilities, driver planning tools, and other features to make individual drivers’ lives easier.

As a member of our Drive Axle team, you’ll get to leave your mark on our consumer-facing app’s architecture, UI, and all the way down to the database and network guts. Our Android app is fully native, and we’re using a mix of Java and Kotlin. Since we’re a small team, you’ll have opportunities to review and work on web backend or frontend code in other languages outside the Android ecosystem, should you wish to do so.

Thousands of people across the country rely on our app to do their jobs, and we take quality seriously. We use a mixture of automated and manual testing to ensure each release is solid. You’ll write tests for your code, expand the existing automation, and work to both share and expand your skills around automated testing. We have CI that produces builds for the whole team to try within a few minutes of a commit or pull request being opened and a similar process for cutting release-ready builds for distribution.

About you

We're looking for a junior engineer who can help maintain, evolve, and improve our consumer-facing Android app, which is the single pane through which many of our users experience our core product.

You should be comfortable working with Android Studio, building views and activities, and managing network requests and state. You should have experience working with Java or Kotlin, but it's fine if you need to pick up the other one after you join the team. We also use a handful of other open-source and system libraries where they help, and we’ll help you learn to use those as you go.

We'll work together and pair often to get you ramped up, and the nature of our product means you'll continue to work closely with the whole team to move it forward even as you settle in. We'd like someone who's both ready to teach others (you'll know things we don't!) and learn from co-workers in a fun, productive, and respectful environment.

Key skills

    • 1+ years professional experience building or maintaining a shipping native Android app in Java or Kotlin (we've got some of each; new code is mostly Kotlin)
    • The ability to quickly convey ideas, opinions, and technical details in written English
    • Able to work 8-5 Eastern Standard Time ± 2 hours, to facilitate real time collaboration when needed

Not requirements, but things to mention if they apply to you

    • An app you've worked on is available in the Play Store
    • iOS app development experience
    • Experience writing JavaScript or Ruby
    • Rust, C++ or C skills
    • Image processing, GIS/mapping, fleet management, or computer vision experience

We take a “reasoned opinions, weakly held” approach to tools, and resist letting those tools define our identity. That said, we’ve had positive experiences with CircleCI, fastlane, SQLite, Google MLKit, and a bunch of other libraries that are mostly baked into the Android SDKs now.
On the backend, we've got Elixir, Erlang, and PostgreSQL all running in AWS.
If this sounds like a fun challenge and your kind of environment, get in touch and let's talk!