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  • About Us

Bisonai aims to provide infrastructure services for companies to easily build Web3, the internet of the future, with blockchain technology.Our company was founded by 2 engineers with years of experience in different technology sectors. Bryan (CEO) is a robotics engineer and worked at KakaoBrain for several years, the artificial intelligence technology research and development subsidiary of Kakao. Martin (CTO) has an AI + ML background and worked at HyperConnect, a global technology company based in Seoul that provides video and AI-powered social discovery products. At Bisonai, they are aiming to innovate in blockchain technology.

  • The blockchain sector
is abundant with innovation, but not without its risks. Led by the cryptocurrency industry, but it is still immature and regular users still face the reality that their assets could be lost or the blockchain that they're built upon could fail.
With our years of experience in established IT sectors, Bisonai are excited to bring our experience to the blockchain sector and see the immaturity in the space as an opportunity!
Firstly, we aim to provide blockchain consulting as well as a solution-based SaaS business in the form of B2B in order to understand the needs of the market and build a mature technology base.

we are a CIC (Company in Company) of the organization Krust Universe (
Krust operates on the Klaytn blockchain mainnet and has an excellent in-house development team in Korea.
We have a clear goal to spin-off when we establish a clear business model and attain cash flow. Many startups have a lack of resources to keep up with the pace of technological advancement. However, with the support of Krust and leeway to work with fantastic partners on exciting projects, we see great opportunities ahead with Krust's wholehearted support to focus on the essence.

  • Duties and Responsibilities
  • Design, develop, test, debug, deploy and maintain smart contracts code.
  • Participate in the overall structure design, scalability, optimization security and performance.
  • Responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of decentralized applications to ensure the stable operation of the production system.
  • Keep up with the latest trends and developments in the blockchain space.
  • Qualification

  • Good understanding of blockchain, consensus schemes, smart contracts, EVM, ERC and EIP standards, decentralized protocols, and cross-chain interoperability.
  • Experience in smart contract development, auditing, code review, security best practices, good documentation practices, and production deployment.
  • Strong desire to learn about the latest blockchain technologies, web3, and DeFi protocols.
  • Proficiency in one or more programming languages (e.g. Rust, Python).
  • Hands-on experience with a version control system (git).
  • Ability to communicate in English.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, or equivalent field.

  • Nice to Haves
  • Knowledge of other blockchains (e.g. Klaytn, Polkadot, Solana) and blockchain tools (e.g. Hardhat, Truffle, Foundry, Substrate).
  • Experience in designing the architecture of complex projects and taking them through to production deployment.
  • Understanding and hands-on experience in applied cryptography.
  • Experience in a token engineering, decentralized finance, or governance community or ecosystem.
  • Experience in modern deployments through a CI/CD pipeline.
  • Experience with cloud computing (e.g. AWS, GCP).
  • Screening Process

1. Apply with Resume & Portfolio.
2. Introductory video call.
3. Coding interview or take-home assignment.
4. Final interview.

  • Welfare
  • Free Working Hours
Work during core working hours (11am ~ 4pm) and get to work the remainder freely!
Work from Home
We encourage you to work where and when you can focus the most! If working from home, we get together at the online office “Gather town”
Anytime, whenever you need it! You can use your break freely without an approval process after sharing the schedule with the team members
There are various welfare systems such as daycare centers, insurance, congratulatory support, and medical checkups! In addition, we provide improvement of team work and cooperation expenses
Best Equipment
Macs, monitors, keyboards, and all the equipment you need for your job are available at the minimum!
Snack Bar
Delicious snacks and drinks are always prepared, and you can have them anytime and recharge your energy