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Buenos Aires - Argentina

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Software Engineer for OpenCog Hyperon Cognitive Platform (in Rust)

100% Remote Worldwide

What you should know about the SingularityNET organization
SingularityNET is the world’s leading decentralised AI platform and organisation. The
SingularityNET decentralized network, and the associated nonprofit SingularityNET Foundation, were founded in 2017 with an extraordinarily ambitious and important mission: To work toward beneficial Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) guided and controlled in a democratic and decentralized manner. Now in an exciting exponential growth phase, SingularityNet is launching a number of inspiring and ambitious spin-off projects planned as part of its Phase 2 whitepaper, including infrastructure, media and biomedical projects.

Global and decentralised, SingularityNET works with a team of c.a. 100 talented scientists, engineers and operational experts, working either remotely or in hubs of excellence worldwide.
At SingularityNET we value collaborative and creative ways of working, within a culture of openness and transparency where every team member is empowered to make their finest contribution and thrive. We are committed to diversity and inclusion and all candidates are welcomed and encouraged to apply irrespective of race, gender, age, religious beliefs, LGBTQ+ affiliation or any other minority characteristic.

What we are looking for:
This is an opportunity to do exciting, cutting-edge work with leaders in the field of AI and Cognitive
Architectures. Ben Goertzel, founder of SingularityNet and OpenCog, is a world leader in Artificial
General Intelligence.

OpenCog Hyperon is a substantially revised, novel version of OpenCog -- a cognitive architecture and platform for AGI R&D and applications. Hyperon is currently in the designing and prototyping phase.
Its core implementation is now under development. Hyperon inherits many ideas from OpenCog
Classic including pattern matching over knowledge hypergraphs, probabilistic logic networks for reasoning, pattern mining, etc., but its design incorporates modern ideas from homotopy type theory, probabilistic programming, constraint logic programming, etc., and it also includes grounded symbols as first-class citizens allowing seamless neural-symbolic integration.

After the core implementation of the Hyperon’s low-level cognitive programming language, MeTTa, is done, various higher-level components of OpenCog Classic will be ported to Hyperon. The design and development is guided by several tasks including knowledge-based neural-cognitive dialogue systems, Minecraft and metaverse agents, knowledge mining and reasoning in bioinformatics, etc.

We are seeking a software engineer to participate in the development of the core components of
MeTTa language, which is now being implemented in Rust with APIs in C++ and Python. The position will initially suppose work on concrete subcomponents resolving issues and adding self-contained functionality, but may in the future also involve participation in a larger-scale design choices and changes, as well as implementation of MeTTa standard library components and deployment functionality, and higher-level cognitive algorithms (optionally).

A good candidate will have a balanced mix of analytic, imaginative, technical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. You will be expected to:

  • Collaborate and interact with other developers
  • Create well-organized, optimized, and documented source code, in particular, in Rust
  • Create and document software tools
  • Test and debug source code
  • Integrate complex software modules
  • Work independently
  • Have social/emotional intelligence and a sense of the elements of interaction that lead to connection and bonding
  • Have reasonable English writing skills (while you don’t need to be an epic poet or literary genius, you have a good grasp of English syntax and a reasonable ability to formulate simple ideas in clear, simple sentences.)
  • Have an interest in (any of) computer science, AI/AGI, cognitive architectures, databases/knowledge bases/ontologies, logic/functional/probabilistic programming, etc.


  • Strong background in Rust programming in particular and software engineering in general
  • Experience in either general-purpose programming language design, or database engines, or cognitive architectures
  • Knowledge of or interest in contemporary paradigms in programming languages (e.g., dependently typed languages, gradual typing, probabilistic programming, etc.) and/or in computer science (e.g., related to category theory, HoTT, Curry-Howard isomorphism, etc.)

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $1.00 per month