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We’re looking for someone to build and improve the collaboration infrastructure. That’ll be the baseline of this role but adding on a ton of cool features on top of this infrastructure is the end goal that separates you from the rest.

You will…

  • Design and implement a protocol for our collaborative experience.

  • Research and develop new paradigms for synchronous and asynchronous collaboration.

  • Work on a version control system built on top of the collaboration infrastructure.

  • Enable teams at Replit to build features like code threads..

  • Ship features and build infrastructure using: Go, Rust, and/or TypeScript.

You are…

  • Someone who values simplicity and pragmatism (you think radically but ship incrementally).

  • Self-directed and comfortable working autonomously.

  • Experience with collaborative editing technologies such as Operational Transforms, CRDT, or other algorithms.

  • Experienced in building infrastructure for other developers to build on top of.

Bonus Points

  • Experience working with IDEs, terminals, or other common developer tools.

  • Experience working with large distributed systems.

To achieve our mission of making programming more accessible around the world, we need our team to be representative of the world. We welcome your unique perspective and experiences in shaping this product. We encourage people from all kinds of backgrounds to apply, including and especially candidates from underrepresented and non-traditional backgrounds.

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