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San Francisco, CA - United States of America

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The early team at Convex is extremely experienced and has led exabyte-scale storage projects, built custom global databases with trillions of records, and shipped desktop and mobile software onto billions of devices. We're a startup however and we're all excited about getting stuff done wherever is required in the stack.

We're looking for both junior and senior engineers who have a passion for building great things in a great environment. If you're highly-motivated, able to work independently, but also like to collaborate and work within a team, you're probably a good fit.

Yes, we're building a state-of-the-art distributed database, so we have some very deep and very interesting systems challenges for infrastructure folks, but hopefully folks who are also happy to also build a dashboard or work on developer SDKs. We're not just hiring infrastructure engineers however; most of our work is best applicable to general full-stack engineers with good taste and a product mindset.

Most of our backend development is in Rust so experience there is a plus but not required. Our frontend libraries are primarily in TypeScript. Good engineering sense it a higher priority than specific language experience in either case.