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Roke is looking for software engineers interested in low-level programming and platform development, to join active and upcoming project delivery teams across the business. Roke’s projects involve a wide range of technologies, with some projects relying upon building, analysing and patching operating systems and runtimes to fulfil customer requirements. Requirements and tasks are often managed using Scrum, Kanban or SAFe.

You will:

  • Design, develop and engineer software, hardware and products for Roke and our customers
  • Produce creative and innovative solutions to customer problems
  • Integrate and develop against open source components, frameworks and platforms
  • Understand and apply new and emerging technologies
  • Provide support and consultancy to other Roke staff and customers

We are also keen to support your professional and career development, and our engineers will often become involved in other tasks and areas that support this. You may:

  • Work across multiple projects and innovation tasks
  • Develop proof of concepts, demonstrators and white papers
  • Take part in pre-sales, business development, and bid work
  • Contribute to our software engineering and innovation strategies
  • Support our Roke diversity and working groups
  • Teach and nurture as part of our staff development programmes

Key Technologies

You will use a range of technologies – some you may be familiar with already, but others you will pick up to support specific projects. These technologies include:

  • Rust, C++ or C
  • build and packaging systems
  • Debugging, profiling and dynamic analysis tools
  • Linux-based operating systems – Ubuntu, Centos/RHEL, Android, etc.
  • Networked and multi-threaded systems
  • Git and version control systems

About Roke

Roke is a leading technology & engineering company with clients spanning National Security, Defence, Public Sector and Industry. We work with our customers to solve their complex and unique challenges, providing opportunities to engineers at a scale that is not available in many businesses.
Roke imagines a more secure world. A world where technology protects, rather than exposes. A world where expert engineers, consultants and business support staff collaborate to protect what matters most to our clients.

Why You Should Join Us
We are a friendly and flexible team with a strong sense of community and belonging. Many projects are able to embrace hybrid working and we are very successful at supporting and developing our staff.

We provide a competitive salary and access to a number of additional flexible benefits, which will cover health and wellbeing, savings and protection, and life, leisure and entertainment.

Roke has a great community of groups. These can range from board games clubs, yoga classes to technology clubs, driven by our staff, and enabling like-minded people to connect and feel a sense of belonging while benefiting from company-subsidised infrastructure. Our working environment is friendly, creative and inclusive.

We are committed to a policy of equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion, supporting a diverse work-force and those with additional needs. We are keen to hear from applicants seeking flexible working and many staff already take advantage of this.

Security Information
Due to the nature of this position, we require you to be willing and eligible to achieve a minimum of SC. To qualify, you should be a British Citizen and have resided in the UK for the last 5 years for SC and 10 years for DV. For more information about clearance eligibility, please see
High level clearance bonus is available and will be considered on application.